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Vista Releases All-In-One Number Plate Recognition System

12th January, Reading UK


Vista is proud to announce the launch of the VS50 all-in-one number plate recognition system combining an HD camera and embedded PC. This new system allows the HD video to be processed inside the camera housing, therefore removing the need for the video to be transmitted over a network to an external PC. This combination is available in both a bollard or wall mount format, with or without an overview camera.


The VS50 utilises uncompressed HD video for high accuracy in number plate recognition when utilised in parking and access control systems. The high quality resolution enables the capture of the most challenging plates, including those with half height and stacked characters.


To make the installation stress free, the camera has a simple to use web page set up allowing the uploading of a database to the camera. Device rules can be set up against the database to enable multiple different output options to be controlled including barrier relay control, email output, Wiegand output and LED sign integration. Another feature of the system is that multiple cameras can be linked together via a server PC running parking software to give a complete parking management system including powerful features such as overstay analysis, car park counting, alarm management and ticketing integration.


The VS50 in itself can be a single lane barrier control system, but combined with VNPR servers, the system can be easily expanded to multiple lane operation.


Key features include:


  • Full HD IP camera - The increased resolution allows a single camera to cover a 4m wide lane at the camera’s specified read range
  • Inbuilt IR illuminations and filtering - This guarantees quality images of number plates 24/7, even when the car’s head lights are pointed directly at the camera
  • 3-25m read range - The cameras come pre-configured in 3 different range options, covering read ranges from 3-25m, covering the vast majority of applications
  • HD camera - Allows for higher accuracy in plate reading over a wider (4m) lane
  • All-in-one design - Makes it simple to install
  • Web page set up - Set up and commissioning is very simple, requires minimal training


Bob Forehand, Vista Product Manager, comments: “The VS50 is an exceptional new product within the Number Plate Recognition market, as either a bollard or wall mount format giving you flexibility for installation. This new system combines the HD camera and PC into one unit for high accuracy and quality images covering a variety of read ranges for all applications. The all-in-one design makes it simple to install saving time and money.”


For more information, please speak with your Norbain Account Manager, visit or contact us at, or 0118 912 5000. For the latest news and events, please follow us on Twitter.


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