Product code: 0479690

The revolutionary new VIRSY2 range of infrared illuminators provides a flexible illumination solution which is easy to use in any application. Making use of interchangeable lenses the lamps can very quickly be adapted to produce one of three standard beam angles.

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Key Features

  • Interchangeable lens options: These allow the installer to match the beam angle to the cameras field of view
  • Even illumination: Evenly spread lighting means that hot spots are avoided
  • 12VDC - 24VAC operation: Gives flexibility to the installer to use the power supply of their choice
  • In-built adjustable photocell: The installer can adjust the level at which the illuminators switch on and off
  • Photocell following contact: The illuminator can be integrated with a Day/Night camera to control the point at which the camera switches from colour to monochrome operation
  • Illuminates distances up to 200m: The three products within the range give the installer a wide variety of illumination angles and ranges ideal for perimeter coverage

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