Product code: 0146390

The VBC28V12MHDA is a bullet camera capable of providing full HD 1080p resolution in TVI and AHD High Definition Analogue (HDA) formats over the coax cabling. With a wide range of features, it makes it suitable for many internal or external applications.

Key Features

Incorporating an auto-focusing, motorised 2.8-12mm zoom lens, this can be controlled either from the tact switch or over the coax from a compatible DVR, making image set up and adjustment very simple. The tact switch also provides access to a comprehensive OSD, including Digital Wide Dynamic Range to provide balanced images in areas where there are contrasting scenes of view. The 42 integral 850nm IR LEDs provide up to 40m illumination in low or zero light conditions and the motorized lens auto focuses between colour and monochrome modes to counteract IR focal shift for pin sharp 1080p images both day and night. The 3-axis gimble wall bracket allows optimum positioning of the VBC28V12MHDA, regardless of wall or soffit type installations and 12/24V dual voltage operation provides greater flexibility in the power supplies that can be used. Default settings allow it to work automatically out of the box on TVI coax (for image and lens control), with 1000TVL available in CVBS mode, providing legacy DVR / control equipment support and a simple upgrade path to HD images on existing analogue systems once the DVR is upgraded.
  • Full HD imaging: 1920x1080 resolution in TVI or AHD ensures excellent images over the coax
  • Motorised 2.8-12mm lens: The autofocus, motorised 2.8.12mm lens is controlled by either the tact switch or DVR, making for easier engineer set up and adjustment
  • Triple format: A single output provides 1080p or 1000TVL in CVBS to ensure compatibility with modern and legacy DVRs
  • Local or remote OSD set up: Access the comprehensive OSD from either the rear of the camera or over the coax with a compatible TVI/AHD DVR, making image adjustments and privacy zone set up quick and easy
  • Dual voltage: the ability to use 12VCD or 24VAC power supplies increases flexibility in areas of use

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