PoE Switches

Hi powered 4 and 8 port PoE switches, ideal for distributed architecture systems.
The qulu PoE switches by Vista offer the installer an effective solution for creating
simple but powerful network designs. These compact switches allow connection to
either 4 or 8 local cameras, via the PoE ports. Each switch has dual Up-Link ports,
one of which can be used to connect to a local server or NVR such as the “Q” 4
channel qulu server. Leaving the other uplink port, for connection to the main
network and client PCs.
The qulu switches can run in 2 modes, in normal mode they operate as a standard
network switch, with communications between each of the 4 PoE ports, allowing
the standard 90m transmission distance. With the flick of a switch the CCTV mode
can be engaged, turning off communication between the 4 PoE ports but allowing
communication between each individual port and the 2 Up-Link ports, but greatly
extending the PoE transmission distance up to 250m.
The 4 port switch can deliver up to 60W across all four ports, ideal for 4 static
cameras, or 2 higher consumptions PTZ domes. The 8 port can deliver up to 120W,
8 static or 4 PTZ cameras.

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