The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Directive came into force 25th May 2018 - superseding Data Protection. It further protects and empowers EU citizens’ data privacy and aims to reshape the way organisations consider data privacy.

Use the below resources and links to keep abreast of Cyber Security issues and tips for Vista's latest products to help you towards GDPR adherence;


Latest Notices & Alerts

- 2018-08-14 Vista: Viper range new firmware - Important AVI export NVR\DVR hang issue resolved .... more

- 2018-06-29 Microsoft: Spectre & Meltdown latest (Win7, 10, Server 2012 R2 etc) .... more

- 2018-06-12 - Microsoft: release addition security updates and anti-malware. Apply via regular MS Update Client... more



Vista Product Resources

- Vista GDPR and Cyber Security Guide - Harden your Vista product and it's network deployment.... read more

- Our Privacy and GDPR Statement - Our Privacy and GDPR more

Vista Firmware and Software Updates

- Keep your Vista product up to date and secure with the latest.... downloads

- Also keep your Xeno products up to date as well....  downloads

Microsoft Resources

Microsoft Windows features in a number of Vista's CCTV solutions and is used extensively throughout the CCTV Industry. Keep abreast of Microsoft updates and alerts by using the following resources!

- Sign-up to Microsoft Updates Notification and receive e-mail or RSS news feeds for security and update alerts.... read more

- Sign-up to Microsoft Updates Notification and receive e-mail or RSS news feeds according to chosen Windows OS Version.... read more

- Microsoft Security Updates Guide.... read more


Other useful Resources

Cyber Security has been an I.T. Industry concern for many years and there are a good many free and independent resources for information.

- Many Cyber Security polices base themselves on the SANS Institute - 20 Critical Security Controls:

- UK Government National Cyber Security Centre:

- Information Commissioners Office 12-Steps to Prepare for GDPR:

- National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST- US):

- Centre for Internet Security: 20 Critical Security Controls:

- IC2: 12 Ways to Protect CCTV from Cyber attack: