Vista Viper Firmware Announcement

Following are details of the latest firmware and software release for Vista's Viper range.

Take special note of any important update features or fixes highlighted in red.


-   2018/06/26 - Vista release new firmware for all Viper IP and analogue systems - Note: important Daylight Saving Time (DST) issue resolution included;


 Important: Always refer to the "full" release notes attached with the downloaded firmware files - they may include important instructions such as needing to default you DVR\NVR etc! 


Vista VIPER H4 (h.264) NVR Range Latest Firmware Release and fixes

Models:VIPER-H4-04, VIPER-H4-08, VIPER-H4-16

VIPER04_RP08 [New GUI]	2018-06-26 V2.15_180615080332
Features Added:
UPNP on/off  function is added. 
VCA setup, the VCA object display function is added. 
When 4K monitor is connected the GUI size is scaled up to 1920x1080. 
In fast forward mode both I frame and P frame will be displayed in full screen mode.  
The backup default format is changed to HV4.  If the format is changed to AVI warning message pops up.
	DST is added on Web viewer.    
	DST SDK is added for mobile app compatibility.  
	Backup DST option is added. 
	DST option is added for duplicate period for Event search, VCA search, Thumnail search, Smart Search, Text search, System log search. 
	DST option is added for clip viewer backup.

Bug fix: 
	JPEG image is not attached in the email. 
	POS text is overlaped.   
	If a IP camera does not have a password, will not registere to the recorder.  
	when Static SubnetMask is set to if it is then changed to DHCP, does not change to  
	When camera is connected to POE port of NVR, if the recorder reboots the configuration of camera goes default.
	When using VKBD4, the telemetry function was switched on/off automatically, could got get telemetry control correctly. 	Improved PAN/TILT speed was slow.

Vista VIPER H5 (h.265) NVR Range Latest Firmware Release and fixes



Vista VIPER HDA DVR Range Latest Firmware Release and fixes

Models:VIPER-HDA-04, HDA-08, HDA-16


Vista VIPER HDAL DVR Range Latest Firmware Release and fixes