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Time to bring CCTV into top gear with the Vista Van

We realise that when it comes to demonstrating CCTV equipment to customers, the hardest part is establishing the products' performance in-situ. For this reason, we have invested in vans that will take the demonstration right to their doorstep.


Come day or night, rain or shine, the Vista van is on hand to help demonstrate a vast selection of cameras, domes NVRs, monitors, number plate recognition solutions and transmission equipment.


Other features include air-conditioning and seating for up to six people in the back, along with a fully stand-alone, on-board generator. Packed full of the latest Vista products, the van allows customers to actually see the products in action, at the site in which they would be installed.


View from the top

The van has a telescopic mast, extending to 5 meters. This allows footage to be captured on-site, encompassing the actual field of view the customer is interested in. From this, the customer can see exactly what issues may affect the image and how the cameras could be positioned to give the best possible coverage.


Day/night images

It's important for your customer to be able to see images in the context of their environment. Issues such as street lighting, or no ambient lighting at all, can affect the quality of images received. The van can be positioned on-site and the cameras can be set up to show what measures can be taken to ensure good quality images are captured.


An integrated solution

Because the van carries entire solutions from the camera to the NVR to the software, your customer will be able to see how all the parts of a system work together.


Capturing the action

VNPR (Vehicle Number Plate Recognition) cameras can be set up from the van to record vehicles entering and leaving the site. A full demonstration can be carried out including how the software interprets the data and analyses the results.


To book the van for demonstration, please contact us, or speak with your Norbain Account Manager.

Alternatively, you can use the booking form below:

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