Product code: 0404390

The VID-W03L040 is an externally rated PIR designed for accurate and reliable outdoor perimeter protection irrespective of weather conditions. A curtain detection pattern of 3m wide at a range of 40m achieves the best accuracy available on the market. Adaptive Threshold Discrimination technology reduces the number of nuisance alarms caused by vegetation, small animals and sudden environmental changes. This works by continually averaging background noise and adjusting the alarm threshold.

Key Features

  • Adaptive Threshold Discrimination: Reduces the number of nuisance alarms by constantly averaging and adjusting the threshold
  • Double curtain coverage: Deferential sensors eliminate unwanted alarms by rejecting any signal received simultaneously by the two curtains
  • Stand-alone passive IR detector: Provides cheaper and simpler installation and alignment
  • Internal temperature compensation: This prevents condensation and ensures reliable operation under extreme weather conditions
  • Computer designed optical system: Provides excellent uniformity in coverage over the full detection range
  • Dual voltage operation: The 12/24V power supply provides greater flexibility in areas of use

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